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Unlocking the Secrets: How to Speed Up Home Sales - Essential Tips for Buyers and Sellers

The housing market can be volatile; however, both buyers and sellers can benefit by understanding why some homes sell faster than others. Many reasons can impact how quickly a home sells like the current economy, the neighborhood and the age of the home. Yet, some factors are very much within the homeowner’s control. 

For buyers, understanding why some homes sell faster than others can help you to not miss out on the home of your dreams. When houses are moving quickly, you do not want to delay on an offer if you find a home you love. if you decide to buy a home that has been sitting on the market, you may want to look closely at why it hasn’t sold. 

For sellers, understanding what helps a home sell quickly and what may make it sit on the market, will help you prepare your home before it is listed. Putting in work and money upfront, before you list your home, could help your home not only sell faster but also for a better price. Once homes have been on the market for a long time, they can become even harder to sell.

Boost Your Home's Selling Speed: Key Three Strategies:

Hire a Quality Real Estate Agent

An experienced professional real estate agent is your best tool in selling your home quickly. Be sure to interview more than one agent to identify the best fit for your type of home and your location. You want an agent that is familiar with the area and specializes in the type of home you are selling.

A quality real estate agent will provide professional photos, list your home in the right places and support the sale of your home with the correct marketing materials. They will also price your home correctly based on the comparable recent sales of other homes in the area.  

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

A home is likely the biggest purchase most people will make. If your home is move-in ready, it will sell more quickly. Make any necessary repairs to your home before you list. It is also advisable to add a fresh coat of paint to dingy walls and scratched up baseboards. 

Think about replacing old carpet or refinishing hardwood floors. These elements may seem pricey, but they will help your home to be more appealing to buyers. If your house is move-in ready, it will sell more quickly. 

Clean up your Home and Yard

When you have showings for your home, you want it to look pristine. Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your home. Their first impression will matter, and a mess will hurt how quickly your home sells.

Clean up your yard and add curb appeal. The yard is the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home. Simple things like mowing the lawn, cleaning out any old or broken porch furniture and planting flowers can add to your home’s appeal. 

Also, hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your home. Make sure the windows and baseboards are clean. Remove unnecessary clutter. Clean out your closets so that the home’s storage space feels larger. By cleaning and clearing out clutter, your home will show better to potential buyers. 

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process can flow more smoothly with a professional real estate agent. A quality and experienced real estate agent will protect your interests and help position you to have the best possible experience. 

Contact me today to discuss your home buying or selling needs. I am passionate about supporting my clients through both the buying and selling process.


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